Crefovi bags 2014 “Niche law firm of the year (Fashion & luxury goods)” award


Crefovi is very proud to announce that it won the 2014 “Niche law firm of the year (Fashion & Luxury goods)” award, attributed by ACQ (Acquisition Finance) Magazine.

ACQ Global Awards 2014 - Crefovi, niche law firm of the year (fashion & luxury goods)Crefovi was selected for this global award 2014, granted by ACQ (Acquisition Finance) Magazine, on 7 March 2014.

The embargo on this announcement was lifted earlier this week.

This important recognition, coming from a firmly established magazine which is the leading monthly title for the M&A advisory community, is a testament to the pioneering work and proprietary research that Crefovi has always strived to accomplish since its foundation, in the growing legal field of the law of luxury goods and fashion.

Since 2003, Crefovi’s founding partner Annabelle Gauberti has acquired extensive knowledge and experience in the legal field, as it applies to the fashion and luxury industries, either in litigation related or non-litigation related matters.

She is delighted that her legal and sectorial expertise, as well as the quality of the services provided by London fashion law firm Crefovi, are recognised as being outstanding.

Crefovi has an ambitious programme of seminars, entitled the “law of fashion and luxury goods series” which it is rolling out for 2014 and 2015, in partnership with the international association of lawyers for the creative industries (ialci), which it sponsors.

The programme of the law of fashion and luxury goods series is going to be announced soon, so stay tuned to snap up your attendance ticket to these high-profile events for the fashion and luxury industries, to be hosted in London and Paris.

Crefovi warmly thanks ACQ (Acquisition Finance) Magazine for choosing it as the winner of the 2014 “Niche law firm of the year (Fashion & luxury goods)” award.             

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