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A turn of the screw for European collective rights management societies: when will they act? | London music law firm Crefovi

Researching on the evolution of the role of European collective rights management societies makes interesting reading, especially now when such role is challenged on a daily basis by authors, European regulators and courts, as well as commercial users. Sadly, I am under the impression that European collective rights management societies still have not quite grasped more »

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London luxury law firm Crefovi presented course on “Law & luxury” @ top business school HEC | London fashion law firm Crefovi

Annabelle Gauberti, founding partner of London luxury law firm Crefovi, presented a seminar on “Law & luxury” to the MBA and Master students of top French business school HEC, who are enrolled in the Luxury Certificate On 7 June 2013, she presented to the master and MBA students of HEC’s Luxury Certificate the specificities of more »