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Law firm for fashion industry in England, award, Corporate Intl Magazine

2014 “fashion industry law firm of the year in England” award: we won! | London fashion law firm Crefovi

  Crefovi is very proud to announce that it won the 2014 “fashion industry law firm of the year in England” award, attributed by CorporateINTL Magazine.   Crefovi was selected among three shortlisted law firms for this global award, granted by CorporateINTL Magazine, on 13 January 2014. This important recognition, coming from a prominent legal industry more »

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Street art law: what legal solutions for artists victim of street art thefts?

Crefovi’s founding partner, Annabelle Gauberti, was interviewed by Canal Plus on street art law, more specifically on the legal recourse that artists have, in case their works of street art and graffiti are stolen from the urban landscape. Watch the interview here to learn more about street art law and urgan artists’ rights in particular. more »