Crefovi, law firm for creative industries

Annabelle Gauberti, founding and managing partner


Crefovi, law firm for the creative industries, which offices are located in London and Paris, advises the luxury & fashion, music, film and entertainment, art as well as high tech sectors, among other creative industries.

We assist our clients, who all work in creative fields, to find the best solutions to their various legal issues, relating to business law, on matters which are either contentious, of an advisory nature or transactional.

Annabelle Gauberti, founding and managing partner of Crefovi, is also the president of the International association of lawyers for creative industries (ialci). This association is instrumental to provide high quality seminars, webinars & brainstorming sessions, on legal and business issues to which the creative industries are confronted.

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Crefovi, luxury & fashion law firm

The law firm Crefovi practices luxury & fashion law since 2003, in London, Paris and internationally. We advise a large roster of clients in this industrial sector, from young fashion entrepreneurs to mature luxury houses, including licensees, suppliers and manufacturers, as well as models’ agencies. 

Crefovi and its team members are renowned as top law firm and practitioners, respectively, in advising clients in fashion, design and luxury, by many legal directories, such as Chambers, Best LawyersLeaders LeagueWho’s Who LegalIFLR 1000IP Stars and World Trademark Review 1000

Fashion law blog

Annabelle Gauberti, founding and managing partner of Crefovi, regularly lectures on luxury & fashion law for Les EchosFormationHEC luxury certificate and IRPI. The conferences to fashion professionals, and to business school students, are an important testimony to the recognition of the legal field that luxury and fashion law is today.

Crefovi, art law firm

Moreover, Crefovi is an art law firm. Our clients are mainly involved in modern and contemporary art, as artists, collectors, art galleries, museums or art foundations. Their legal needs, managed by Crefovi, range from art tax law issues generated by collectors’ investments in art works, to the execution of wills of which a large portion of the bequeathed assets is made up of art works, that need to be distributed amongst the heirs.

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Crefovi and its lawyers are recognised as art law experts and advise their clients on several contentious matters in art law, globally.

Crefovi regularly takes part, and its lawyers are sometimes speakers and panellists during, major art fairs and shows, such as TEFAF, Art Basel, Frieze, FIAC & Miami Basel.

The law firm Crefovi is also an active and devoted collector of contemporary art, maintaining and managing a corporate collection in England and France.

Crefovi, media and entertainment law firm

Crefovi has a roster of clients in music and films, advising actors, film directors and producers, animation companies, as well as music labels, music producers, music publishers, songwriters, lyricists and performers.

Crefovi and its lawyers are widely recognised by prestigious legal and business directories, such as Legal 500, Best LawyersLeaders League, WIPRLeaders and Expert Guides, among experts in media and entertainment law, worldwide.

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Crefovi is a regular participant, and a speaker during, events and professional shows from the media & entertainment sectors, such as the Berlinale and EFM, the Cannes film festival, MIDEM, MaMa, MIPCOM, ILMC, SXSW, as well as in seminars organised by AIM, BPI, MPA and SACEM.

Information technology, internet and digital media law firm

Crefovi’s lawyers are at the cutting edge of technological innovation, and very abreast of legal and business novelties deriving from information technology and digital inventions. Clients in the high tech and internet sectors, of Crefovi, value its ability to coin state-of-the-art and customised legal solutions, vis-à-vis business and technological situations, and issues, which are utterly new and have never been tested in the past. Crefovi is a legal architect, innovative and exacting, which relentlessly resolves pitfalls and obstacles relating, in particular, to the protection of personal data, to which the stalwarts of the information technology and digital industry are confronted.

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Crefovi is a regular participant, and a speaker and panelist during, events and professional fairs from the information technology, internet and digital media sectors, such as the trade shows CES, DLD, Slush, SXSW, Viva Technology, Wired and Web Summit, as well as MIDEM.

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