Assessment of the development of fund supermarkets in France

fund supermarkets in France

A new profession has recently appeared, consisting of promoters and distributors of funds on the internet. Within this profession, fund supermarkets in France consist of platforms for the sale of UCITS units and securities. The description of these fund supermarkets, and their regulatory and legislative framework, internal and in the European Union, deserves some development.

Fund supermarkets in France are platforms for the sale of UCITS units and securities on the internet. Thus, it is possible, from a single website, to buy fund units by choosing from a wide range of promoters and to keep these funds in a single account, often via the Internet. The advantage of this approach is that, by buying products from a fund supermarket, it is possible to diversify the risk inherent in any investment in the financial markets, thanks to a wide range of funds and promoters.

Today, the phenomenon of subscribing funds on the Internet through fund supermarkets in France has taken on a large scale, explained in particular by three advantages. To read here!

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