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Paradox of fashion – Paris conference upcoming


Luxury maisons require their stylists to be original and creative. However, creative directors also have to participate to, and follow, the trends which “create fashion”.

This ongoing paradox is being analysed by several specialists, from a legal standpoint, in particular from an intellectual property angle.

Franco British Lawyers Association, Paradox of fashionCatherine Palmer, General Counsel of Joseph and Vice-President of the Franco-British Lawyers Society, will chair this conference on the paradox of fashion.

Other illustrious speakers will be:

– Nicolas Martin, General Counsel, Intellectual Property, Hermès ;

– Fabrizio Jacobacci, lawyer ;

– Nathalie Dreyfus, trademark attorney ;

– Alexander Rozycki, Barrister , and 

– our Annabelle Gauberti, Crefovi’s founder.


The conference will be held on Friday 7 November 2014, at 6.30pm, at the Bibliothéque de l’Ordre des avocats de Paris, 4 boulevard du Palais, 75001 Paris.


You can register here and below to this event, which will be an excellent networking opportunity with top managers from the most prestigious luxury maisons in the world.

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