Manual for use by the corporate art collector

In the past, major collectors would buy larger houses to show their art works. Now, many private collectors – in particular corporate art collectors – find or build large spaces to show their art and then continue to buy art to exhibit within them. Increasingly, private collectors are taking on the role of non-profit institutions…

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The law of luxury goods and fashion: a new legal practice

With few industries performing better than the Euros185 billion (GBP148 billion) luxury goods sector, a rising number of lawyers and law graduates are electing it as their business development focus. London fashion law firm Crefovi publishes proprietary research on the law of luxury goods and fashion, in Legal Week.

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Law of luxury goods

London luxury law firm in London Crefovi explores the legal discipline that is the law of luxury goods. The emergence of the law of luxury goods and fashion: a new legal practice in full expansion. Consult our thematic supplement Revue Lamy Droit des Affaires, on the law of luxury goods, here.

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