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London information technology law firm Crefovi delivers a range of IT-related service, covering a broad spectrum of antitrust, competition, employee benefits, financing, intellectual property and M&A matters, for a host of top clients.

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Meeting the needs of the global IT industry

The lawyers of information technology law firm Crefovi get it. They understand the economic, market and regulatory climate in which IT companies offer software, hardware and services.

London law firm Crefovi uses this experience and knowledge to provide clients with the most current, strategic and practical legal counsel possible, covering all complex issues they face around the world.

Crefovi IT lawyers are very well-connected in the high-tech world, attending, and speaking at, each session of high-powered trade shows such as Le Web, the Dublin & London web summits & F.ounders.

Key practice areas of information technology law firm Crefovi

London information technology law firm Crefovi has global resources, available to its clients, which include the following:

IT clients praise the lawyers of information technology law firm Crefovi for their responsiveness & ability to understand the technical, business and legal aspects of each high-tech transaction and come back, deal after deal, to be advised by them. 

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