Life sciences technology transactions

London life sciences law firm Crefovi has a team of Life Sciences Technology Transactions lawyers, who have unique experience with the distinct challenges facing life sciences companies.

London life sciences law firm Crefovi leverages this experience to optimise commercial transactions for its clients. Its lawyers successfully advise several major pharmaceutical and medical device companies regarding:

  • Distribution
  • Licensing transactions
  • Corporate partnering
  • Manufacturing

London life sciences law firm Crefovi also represents high-profile research institutions and universities on behalf of life sciences companies that have developed therapeutic, diagnostic, medical device and research tool technologies. With in-depth knowledge of the trends and nuances of the life sciences market, Crefovi’s lawyers focus on advising life sciences companies in cutting-edge technology transactions.

Working as key members of client-negotiating teams, the Life Sciences Technology Transactions lawyers of London life sciences law firm Crefovi provide valuable perspectives and guidance throughout the deal-planning and negotiating process, and help structure agreements that achieve the particular goals of each life sciences client. Additionally, London life sciences law firm Crefovi’s team frequently advises life sciences companies on intellectual property and technology matters as they pertain to the formation of joint ventures, the division of intellectual property rights or the acquisition or sale of an existing business.

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