Crefovi to partner up with Tranoi during NYC trade show

Crefovi to partner up with Tranoi

Crefovi to partner up with Tranoi and, as such, will provide legal services to exhibitors and visitors during Tranoi NYC trade show at the Tunnel, Chelsea, from 18 to 20 September 2015.

Crefovi and the international association of lawyers for creative industries ialci are delighted to team up with prestigious fashion trade show organiser Tranoi, in order to provide on-site legal services to exhibitors and visitors attending Tranoi NYC trade show at the Tunnel, in Chelsea, from 18 to 20 September 2015. Crefovi is to partner up with Tranoi!

Tranoi is the ever-expanding fashion trade show business founded by the Hadida family, renowned for establishing multi-labels concept stores L’Eclaireur. L’Eclaireur founder, Mr Armand Hadida, is the creative director of Tranoi while his son, Mr David Hadida, is Tranoi’s general director.

With more than 90 percent of exhibitors at Tranoi NYC coming from Europe, and most visitors to Tranoi NYC coming from the US, Japan, Italy and France, it will benefit from responsive and expert legal services provided by several member lawyers of ialci, qualified under English law, French law, NY law, Belgium law, Italian law and German law.

ialci is formed by a group of lawyers who specialise in advising fashion and luxury brands. The lawyers from ialci, including Crefovi’s founding partner Annabelle Gauberti, will have a booth at Tranoi NYC trade show at the Tunnel, from 18 to 20 September 2015, where both exhibitors and visitors will be able to come and ask their legal questions.

Exhibitors and visitors can meet and talk to ialci’s lawyers during short one-to-one introductory meetings, at Tranoi New York Show, on 18, 19 and 20 September.

In order to organise an appointment with ialci’s lawyers, please fill in and send us an online contact form. Crefovi and ialci will revert back to you with suggested appointment times and questions about your legal enquiries.

Crefovi and ialci will organise various workshops on legal topics of particular interest to the exhibitors at NYC Tranoi, on intellectual property, fashion finance, etc.

The objectives of Tranoi are to:

  • facilitate connections between fashion businesses and the right professionals to support them with their challenges;
  • present highly curated fashion products, sold by the exhibitors, to the most high-profile and sought-after multi-label stores, department stores, online stores in the world, and
  • showcase the French and international innovations that serve the fashion industry.

Annabelle Gauberti, founding partner of Crefovi, will coordinate ialci’s and her law firm’s presence at Tranoi. She will be present on ialci’s booth at all times. 

Tranoi’s goal is to welcome more than 1,000 visitors over three days at the Tunnel, Chelsea, in NYC.

One of the USPs of Tranoi events is the focus on creating a real dialogue between attendees and speakers, so if you happen to attend some panel discussions or workshops Annabelle is participating in, or if you see ialci’s booth on Tranoi NYC, please don’t hesitate to ask her a question! You can also catch her afterwards if you have anything specific you would like to discuss. See you there!

ialci, crefovi, tranoi

Annabelle Gauberti, Amy Goldsmith, Holger Alt and Philippe Laurent, all members of ialci at Tranoi NYC in September 2015

Tranoi NYC, ialci, crefovi,

Amy Goldsmith and Philippe Laurent during their presentation on ‟What intellectual property rights are worth protecting and how?” at Tranoi NYC in September 2015

Tranoi NYC, Crefovi, ialci

Annabelle Gauberti and Holger Alt during their presentation on ‟Distribution and agency agreements: what to look out for? How to make sure that you will get a winning deal for you and your brand” at Tranoi NYC in September 2015 

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