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Annabelle Gauberti, founding partner of Crefovi, was a speaker at the Westminster Media Forum Keynote Seminar on “Next steps for British fashion industry – intellectual property, manufacturing and talent“.

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This seminar was held on the morning of Tuesday 15 October 2013, in central London. 

Annabelle and other speakers discussed the legal issues and challenges surrounding intellectual property protection, in the context of fast-fashion, knock-offs and licensing.

How far is the importance of securing design rights and other intellectual property rights, understood by SMEs and others in the fashion industry? Does the current design rights system offer designers adequate protection of their rights? What would be the likely effect of a move to the Hague System? 

These were some of the questions discussed during this exciting seminar!

We encourage you to review the transcript of this extremely informative and well-documented fashion seminar. Caroline Rush, chief executive of the British Fashion Council and John Miln, chief executive of the UK Fashion and Textile association, were also guest speakers to this event.

You can view the agenda for this seminar here and the transcript of this event here.

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