The UK fashion industry: challenges, opportunities & policy options

UK fashion industry

London fashion law firm Crefovi attended and participated to the Westminster media forum keynote seminar on the present and future strategy of the UK fashion industry, on the 13 November 2012.

Protection of intellectual property for fashion designers and houses, nurturing creativity by providing excellent training to young designers, reviving the UK fashion industry by producing locally, were the key points we took out from this excellent seminar. 

We were really impressed by James Shaw’s testimony, when he explained how he managed to find some British manufacturers to produce garments and fashion accessories for the brand he co-founded, Albam clothing.

Caroline Rush, CEO of the British fashion council, was also very determined in bringing the British fashion industry to the pinnacle of success: while she does not think that the business model of multi-brand fashion conglomerates would work in the UK, she is confident that investors and venture capitalists are ready to invest in new fashion businesses in need of financing.

This seminar was a very positive, and information-packed, experience and Crefovi made plenty on contacts in the UK fashion industry!

We are really happy that, in October 2013, we will be a speaker at the next session, organised by the Westminster media forum, on the UK fashion industry, entitled ‟What’s next for the British fashion industry?

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