London fashion law firm Crefovi at Paris Who’s Next trade show January 2013

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London fashion law firm Crefovi at Who’s Next trade show in Paris, from 19 until 22 January 2013. [hr]

Who's next, fashion law, law of fashion, fashion trade shows, crefovi, luxury law, law of luxury goodsWho’s Next, the famous trade show for the fashion and accessories industries, is back in style in 2013.

Join us at this Paris ready-to-wear and accessories salon, which aura is among the widest and largest in the world.

Annabelle Gauberti, founding partner of London fashion law firm Crefovi, will meet up with her good friends, Regina and Isaac Manevitz, the owners of superb New York City-based jewellery business, Ben Amun, to catch up on the latest trends and gossips in the industry.

Annabelle and Regina met back in May 2012, when they both attended the fashion law summer intensive programme, organised by the Fashion Law Institute from Fordham school of law. Regina has a brilliant and sharp mind and is a very astute business woman who takes good care of Ben Amun’s management, with her husband Isaac.

Annabelle looks forward to meeting Regina and Isaac at Who’s Next, on 19 January 2013, and to catching up on new brands and trends. She will tweet her impressions and pictures on @crefovi, so please stay in tune with Crefovi on Twitter.

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