Joe DiMona, climate change activist and ex-BMI in-house lawyer

Joe DiMona is a legal man, through and through. At BMI, he was a fervent ambassador for music creators, ensuring that they got their fair share through blanket licences, royalties collections and tense negotiations with telecommunications companies as well as streaming and other tech companies. Now, in his new role as a climate change activist,…

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Cancel culture: how the creative industries should ride out the storm

Cancel culture

Cancel culture is upon us. This is what we are currently being told by British and French mass media, who have finally caught up with the content of the latest, and first non-fictional, book ever published by acclaimed, yet heavily criticised, American author Bret Easton Ellis, ‟White”. The polemic rages on both sides of the…

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How to fight abuses of dominant position done by way of IP claims & denigration?

abuses of dominant position

When a competitor which used to reign as a warlord in a particular market becomes challenged by a new player, this competitor may use tactics such as systematic and heavy-handed enforcement of alleged intellectual property rights, as well as aggressive smearing and denigration campaigns, to deter this new entrant. The situation may soon become untenable…

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