Crefovi law blogs

Crefovi law blogs, on art law, fashion & luxury goods law, music & entertainment law, as well as private equity, banking & M&A, are updated on a very regular basis for the benefit and use of our clients and website’s visitors.

Editor of the various Crefovi law blogs curated by London law firm for creative industries Crefovi:

Law blogs: art law blog

The Art law blog provides up-to-date insights and commentaries on top legal developments and issues in the art world and ecosystem, either with public players (art museums, governments, public art galleries) or with private players (artists, art collectors, art galleries, auction houses, art foundations, etc).

Law blogs: luxury & fashion law blog

The Law of luxury goods & fashion blog provides up-to-date insights and commentary on legal developments in the luxury and fashion sectors, within the consumer goods and retail area. 

The Law of luxury goods & fashion blog also reports about the law of fashion and luxury goods series, a group of around ten seminars organised by Crefovi and the international association of lawyers for the creative industries (ialci) on business and legal topics relevant to the luxury goods and fashion sectors.

Law blogs: music & entertainment law blog

The Music & entertainment law blog covers a wide range of legal developments and controversies involving intellectual property, contractual and tax issues and practices, across numerous creative industries sectors.

Law blogs: M&A, private equity & banking law blog

The M&A, private equity & banking law blog covers a wide range of legal developments and controversies involving mergers & acquisitions, banking & finance and private equity issues and practices, across numerous creative industries sectors.

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