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Crefovi’s law blogs, on art law, fashion & luxury goods law, music & entertainment law, new technology & data privacy, as well as private equity, banking & M&A, are updated on a very regular basis, for the benefit and use of our clients and website’s visitors.

Whether you want to do research for an upcoming case, dig into in-depth legal analytics pieces, or discover upcoming legal industry events, legal news blogs such as Crefovi’s law blogs, can simplify your search. Check out our go-to legal news blogs whose curated content will keep you abreast of all these legal news. While many law firm blogs focus on their own announcements and legal specialties, ours offer an impressive collection of content, useful for the creative industries. On our top law firm blogs, you can discover educated opinion pieces, legal research materials, and even trending news.

On this page, you have access to the five Crefovi’s law blogs. 

Editor of the various Crefovi’s law blogs, curated by London law firm for creative industries Crefovi:

Art law blog

The Art law blog provides up-to-date insights and commentaries on top legal developments and issues in the art world and ecosystem, either with public players (art museums, governments, public art galleries) or with private players (artists, art collectors, art galleries, auction houses, art foundations, etc).

Luxury & fashion law blog

The Luxury & fashion law blog provides up-to-date insights and commentary on legal developments in the luxury and fashion sectors, within the consumer goods and retail area.

M&A, private equity & banking law blog

The M&A, private equity & banking law blog covers a wide range of legal and tax developments and controversies involving mergers & acquisitions, banking & finance and private equity issues and practices, across numerous creative industries sectors.

Music & entertainment law blog

The Music & entertainment law blog covers a wide range of legal and business developments and issues, relating to intellectual property, contractual and tax issues and practices, across the music, audiovisual (cinema, television, streaming)  and live sectors.

New technology & data privacy blog

The New technology & data privacy blog brings the new research and analysis elements published by Crefovi in relation to the recent developments and legal as well as commercial issues, identified in the new technology sectors and during the manipulation of personal data from internet and new technology users.

You can read Crefovi’s audiovisual and written content on the page entitled ‟Crefovi’s publications”. However, if you wish to browse our content in an organised manner, we suggest that you explore the other pages of our knowledge library, which classify our publications by categories.

Crefovi regularly updates its social media channels, such as Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Check our latest news there!

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