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London media and entertainment law firm Crefovi has a Media and Entertainment Industry Group. This group is grounded in its strong experience across all sectors of media, sports and entertainment.

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Converging global content with technology at London media and entertainment law firm Crefovi

During recent years, the media and entertainment industry has, and continues to, dramatically evolve, requiring increased focus on technology and sophisticated expertise in complex global transactions, and detailed industry expertise in dispute resolution in and across multiple jurisdictions. The media and entertainment lawyers at London media and entertainment law firm Crefovi counsel industry clients on the following:

  • Complex new media and technology agreements
  • Joint ventures and mergers of international media and entertainment companies
  • Leagues, Olympics and other sports-related representation
  • Finance transactions
  • Content production, acquisition and distribution deals
  • Television, radio and new media transactions

Supporting clients in the context of the convergence culture’s rapidly changing consumer demands requires media and entertainment law firm Crefovi to couple its substantive industry expertise with an understanding of each client’s specific needs and plans: the firm approaches each matter with a strategic, long-term view.

London media and entertainment law firm Crefovi also assists its clients, whether individual talent or large multi-national companies, to navigate and resolve disputes, claims and government actions. Additionally, the firm acts as a bridge-builder between traditional and new media, and across emerging centers of media and entertainment influence.

Media and entertainment law firm Crefovi represents companies from motion picture studios, to international distributors of television and film content, digital media, music and live event venues, sports-related industries, and satellite, cable and telecommunications companies.

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