Bob McDade on the inception & growth of Manners McDade

Bob McDade, co-founder of top music composer agency Manners McDade, explains what his niche sector is about, and how Catherine Manners and him developed their talent agency into the stalwart of the UK music composition market that it is today.

5 June 2019 – Bob McDade leveraged his experienced as marketing director of UK music copyright collecting society PRS, to co-found Manners McDade, one of the most prestigious music composer agencies in the UK, in the late nineties. Annabelle Gauberti met him at the Hospital Club in London, in order to discuss his trajectory in the music industry, agenting music composers, publishing their works and even recently setting up his own music label! Bob is a passionate gatekeeper in the UK music business and you can hear his pearls of wisdom here, in this entertaining and chatty ‟Lawfully Creative” podcast!

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