Consultation review of arbitration act 1996: evolution, rather than revolution?

2 August 2023 | 15:30pm London time

Crefovi’s live webinar will begin on Wednesday 2 August at 15:30pm London time (UK), and will provide an in-depth analysis on the consultation review of the England & Wales arbitration act 1996, launched by the Law commission.

You haven’t yet secured your free place for our upcoming webinar on UK and French arbitration law?

Here is your chance to join Annabelle Gauberti on Wednesday 2 August 2023, 15:30pm London time (UK) as she explores how the Law commission is structuring its review of the arbitration act 1996.

In this webinar, our expert speaker will discuss the various changes envisaged to the arbitration act 1996, as follows:

– Confidentiality;

– Independence and disclosure;

– Discrimination;

– Immunity of arbitrators;

– Summary disposal;

– Court orders in support of arbitral proceedings;

– Challenging the jurisdiction of the tribunal;

– Appeals on a point of law, and

– Proper law of the arbitration agreement.

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