Crefovi’s daily updates | How to react when the EUIPO and UKIPO take different approaches to ongoing trademark opposition proceedings?

Crefovi’s daily updates: Brexit has caused mayhem in the orderly world of trademark oppositions and intellectual property offices, at the EU level (EUIPO) and the UK level (UKIPO). How, as an opponent and/or applicant, can you react to such brutal and completely opposite stances, adopted by the EUIPO and the UKIPO, on their post-Brexit competence with respect to ongoing oppositions filed on the ground of UK law and filed on the ground of EU law? What is the best approach, in order to preserve your rights, when nothing is clear in the respective policies of the EUIPO and UKIPO, on current and ongoing opposition proceedings for trademarks, post Brexit? #Brexit #UKIPO #EUIPO #trademark #trademarkopposition #opposition

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