How to make your creative business GDPR compliant

Annabelle Gauberti tells us how to make your creative business GDPR compliant before May 2018.

11 February 2018 – This special edition podcast provides you with the tools to do just that, and to ensure that, in case you get a control from your Data Protection Authority (DPA), you will be able to demonstrate to this DPA that you are in full compliance with the GDPR. Keep calm and carry on preparing you and your business to be in full compliance by May 2018 and beyond. Avoid the massive fines that a DPA may impose on a business which is not compliant with the GDPR. Start here! Annabelle Gauberti presented this talk at the Pure fashion trade show in London.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, in order for us to advise you during your process of bringing yourself in compliance, or in case you are experiencing a control from your DPA, Crefovi will be here to defend your interests.

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