Lucie Touboul, head of legal & business affairs at sales agent Dogwoof

Lucie Touboul is a legal woman, through and through. At Dogwoof, she is a fervent ambassador for documentary and film creators, ensuring that they get the best deal possible with streamers and other platforms, by way of sales and distribution agreements.

5 March 2021 – Lucie Touboul cut herself a path in the film industry, as head of legal & business affairs at leading documentary sales agent and UK theatrical distributor Dogwoof. How did she do so well, in such a small time period? What is her secret recipe to make it, as a legal expert in the film business? Hear Lucie’s war stories and snippets of her experience as a film in-house lawyer, here, in her conversation with Crefovi’s founding and managing partner, Annabelle Gauberti.

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