Malik Mezzadri, aka Magic Malik, French jazz flautist extraordinaire

Malik Mezzadri, who performs under the stage name Magic Malik, tells us all about his flautist, and jazz, expertise, as one of the most productive and creative composers, and interpreters, of flute-centered musical works. Through his Fanfare XP iterations, the Magic Malik orchestra and, more recently, the Jazz Association, Malik blows everyone’s mind with his crystalline flute sound, as well as his novel approach to jazz, Afrobeat and contemporary music.

23 April 2021 – Magic Malik is one of the most versatile jazz flautists in the world, spanning a 35 years’ career in jazz, contemporary and pop music, as well as Afrobeat. How did he reach such heights, on the pinnacle of star jazz musicians, in such a time period? What is his secret recipe to make it, as a jazz flautist expert in the music business? Hear Malik’s advice and stories here, in his conversation with Crefovi’s founding and managing partner, Annabelle Gauberti.

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