Private equity goes to Hollywood

4 January 2023 | 15:30pm London time 

Crefovi’s live webinar will begin on Wednesday 4 January at 15:30pm London time (UK), and will provide an in-depth analysis on how private equity is investing in media content production. 

You haven’t yet secured your free place for our upcoming webinar on private equity goes to Hollywood? 

Here is your chance to join Annabelle Gauberti on Wednesday 4 January 2023, 15:30pm London time (UK) as she explores the key points relating to private equity investments in media content production. 

In this webinar, our expert speaker will discuss: 

– Private equity buys stakes in media content production entities; 

– Infrastructure purchases: soundstages and physical studios are feeling the love too! 

– Private equity on the Croisette: investors are bullish on indie films, particularly in Europe; 

– The distribution and downturn risks: heavy reliance on streamers and low valuations. 

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