Antitrust & competition

Cartel investigation & litigation

Companies operating in the global marketplace face increasing exposure to price-fixing accusations by both private plaintiffs and governments, and they look to London antitrust law firm Crefovi for assistance with investigations, litigation and compliance.

Leveraging cartel exposure risk due to cartel investigation & litigation

Billions: that is what is often at stake for companies accused of price-fixing, with criminal and administrative fine exposure around the world and follow-on enterprise-threatening private damage litigation from direct and indirect customers. With so many markets and businesses that are global in scope, cartel exposure risk, due to cartel investigation & litigation, is compounded by its reach across jurisdictions and by increased cartel enforcement worldwide, including the use of widely adopted leniency programs that limit a whistleblower’s exposure.

In this environment, a global approach to cartel investigation & litigation is the only approach that works because exposure is so rarely confined to one jurisdiction. Moreover, companies need speed and sophistication to identify and assess potential exposure in time to determine reliable lines of defense or, if appropriate, seek leniency. The cartel investigation & litigation defense practice of London antitrust & competition law firm Crefovi is designed to meet these challenges.

A swift and global approach to cartel investigation & litigation

Crefovi antitrust lawyers, and their extensive network of local counsels, defend clients in cartel matters that stretch across four continents, working in integrated teams that ensure rapid investigation, a consistent understanding of the facts across the entire team, and an integrated assessment of risks and opportunities across every jurisdiction. Crefovi rapidly mobilises white collar experts, former prosecutors and cartel enforcers, as well as business-savvy antitrust experts to any corner of the world to conduct an intensive internal investigation, find the facts and assess them. The firm is best known in this field for its ability to uncover conspiracy conduct fast enough to make a difference and protect its clients, with minimal disruption to the client’s business.

London antitrust law firm Crefovi has leading-edge experience with several major cartel enforcement agencies. Crefovi’s experience and credibility with cartel enforcers enable its lawyers to deliver optimal results in the most active and menacing area of antitrust risk today.

A global network

Clients praise Crefovi’s lawyers for their responsiveness & ability to understand the technical, business and legal aspects of each antitrust & competition transaction and come back, matter after matter, to be advised by them.

While London and Paris based, we routinely work across borders. The vast majority of our engagements are multi-jurisdictional. We are used to working in multinational teams, and rely on our network of specialist lawyers for support in other jurisdictions.

The team has therefore established an extensive international network of antitrust & competition contacts and a close association with other specialist lawyers worldwide. Our history of successes in high profile, politically sensitive matters reflects an ability to act swiftly and with the utmost discretion.

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