Mezzanine finance

London banking law firm Crefovi is recognised as a leader for its representation of financial sponsors, issuers and investors in structuring and negotiating complex mezzanine finance transactions.

London banking law firm Crefovi has an integrated team approach to client representation, which combines extensive experience negotiating deals that require multiple layers of financing, with the comprehensive resources of the firm’s global capital markets and bank finance teams.   

London banking law firm Crefovi has mezzanine financing capabilities, which include:

  • Executing clients’ preferred exit strategies, including public offerings, recapitalizations, and refinancings and disposals
  • Forming and administering mezzanine funds and other investment vehicles, including fund structuring and closing
  • Negotiating, documenting and consummating transactions, including subordination and intercreditor arrangements
  • Providing expert tax and structuring advice

Some of Europe’s financial sponsors and issuers, as well as investors, lenders and placement agents, turn to Crefovi for legal advice in a variety of mezzanine finance scenarios. 

London banking law firm Crefovi has a mezzanine finance practice, which includes a dedicated team of capital markets and bank finance lawyers who handle complex financing and securities matters around the world. By drawing on the comprehensive resources of an interdisciplinary group of finance, mergers and acquisitions, partnership, tax, securities, employment and benefits lawyers, London banking law firm Crefovi provides its clients with expertise in related considerations as well.

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