IP counseling & risk management

London intellectual property law firm Crefovi has an Intellectual Property Litigation Practice, which works with clients to shape business strategies that maximise the value of their assets and optimise their returns on intellectual property investments.

London intellectual property law firm Crefovi has a team of intellectual property lawyers, who use their technological expertise to advise clients on how to capitalise on their intellectual property investments by proactively auditing, analysing and conducting due diligence related to their assets.

London intellectual property law firm Crefovi understands the costs and burdens that the prospect of lingering litigation imposes on a company. For this reason, the firm’s lawyers strategically resolve clients’ issues before a case ever gets to a courtroom, by successfully negotiating settlements, license agreements and technology business arrangements consistent with the unique goals of each client.

Comprehensive expertise

In many cases, the lawyers of London intellectual property law firm Crefovi have efficiently converted disputes into productive commercial transactions. The firm counsels clients regarding multiple issues, including:

  • Changes in the technology landscape
  • Creating strategic alliances, distribution and outsourcing arrangements
  • Forming technology-sharing, foundry and collaboration agreements
  • Identifying candidates for prosecution or acquisition
  • Negotiating research and development agreements
  • Prime licensing and/or enforcement opportunities

Crefovi intellectual property lawyers combine their prowess in the courtroom and expert knowledge of intellectual property assets with extensive experience in counseling companies across a spectrum of industries, from medical devices and biotechnology, to telecommunications and computer software and hardware, to provide outstanding client services and create win-win resolutions.

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