Mergers & acquisitions

Cross-border transactions

The M&A lawyers at Crefovi have been involved in cross-border transactions of all levels of complexity and scale, across countries and continents.

Assisting clients as they face the challenges of cross-border transactions

Crefovi advises on mergers & acquisitions cross-border transactions in Europe, representing company clients, private equity sponsors, and significant shareholders in all types of transactions. The ‟Mergers & acquisition” practice offers clients access to the vast cross-disciplinary resources that Crefovi can provide, handling all aspects of an M&A cross-border transaction, ranging from tax and intellectual property to corporate finance and competition law and other regulatory matters.

With this depth of experience, Crefovi’s deal teams, seconded by an extensive network of local counsels, have encountered the multitude of local and cross-border issues that companies typically face throughout an M&A transaction, affording clients the efficiencies and solution-oriented advice they demand in these complex situations.

Whether negotiating terms or clearing regulatory hurdles, Crefovi’s lawyers provide the legal counsel necessary to address legal and business uncertainties. The firm’s industry experience has enabled it to advise clients on the commercial means to minimise transactional risk as well. 

Comprehensive expertise

Crefovi has a team of M&A lawyers, who have worked closely with in-house counsel and their teams to advise on innovative approaches to, and structuring of, issues such as:

  • compliance with, and obtaining strategic advantage under, local corporate and takeover law regimes;
  • effective capital structures, including tailoring equity rights to meet transactional and regulatory requirements;
  • optimizing local and global tax structures;
  • executive and employee compensation, including global equity incentive plans and obligations to staff under the EU’s Acquired Rights Directive;
  • due diligence on complex, multi-party transactions and local asset transfer requirements, and
  • local and international accounting and financial reporting standards.

A critical component of the firm’s cross-border M&A practice is its global ‟Antitrust & competition” practice. The firm regularly handles complex EU and multi-jurisdictional antitrust and merger control matters on a coordinated basis throughout the world. The lawyers of Crefovi have represented companies in front of the European Commission and national authorities in numerous international and national transactions.

A global network

Clients praise Crefovi’s lawyers for their responsiveness & ability to understand the technical, business and legal aspects of each matter in relation to cross-border transactions, and come back, matter after matter, to be advised by them.

While London and Paris based, we routinely work across borders. The vast majority of our engagements are multi-jurisdictional. We are used to working in multinational teams, and rely on our network of specialist lawyers for support in other jurisdictions.

The team has therefore established an extensive international network of mergers & acquisitions contacts and a close association with other specialist lawyers worldwide. Our history of successes in high profile, politically sensitive matters reflects an ability to act swiftly and with the utmost discretion.

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