Hostile takeovers & unsolicited bids

London corporate law firm Crefovi has a team of M&A lawyers, who have extensive experience in advising clients on hostile takeovers and other unsolicited bids.

London corporate law firm Crefovi has a roster of clients, which includes all of the major participants in M&A transactions, including hostile bidders and potential “white knight” suitors, as well as their debt financing sources and financial advisors, and (as described separately) very often the target companies themselves.

In the preliminary stages of a client’s evaluation of a potential unsolicited bid, M&A lawyers of London corporate law firm Crefovi:

  • Assess the target company’s vulnerability to an unsolicited takeover
  • Anticipate the target company’s likely defensive strategies
  • Analyze potential legal impediments to an unsolicited takeover, including under applicable antitrust/competition and other regulatory regimes
  • Advise on a bidder’s proposed financing package, including an assessment of the target company’s debt capital structure for any required refinancing of the target company’s public and/or private debt

Once a determination is made to proceed with an unsolicited bid, London corporate law firm Crefovi’s M&A lawyers:

  • Prepare privately proposed bids or public “bear hug” overtures
  • Launch and implement hostile tender offers and related proxy contests
  • Advise on compliance with applicable national, state or foreign takeover regimes
  • Negotiate debt financing commitments with potential lenders
  • Assist alternative “white knight” suitors or other transaction participants

In addition, London corporate law firm Crefovi’s M&A litigators are actively involved from the outset in planning for and implementing the optimal litigation strategies in connection with hostile takeover bids.

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