White collar defense & investigations

London corporate law firm Crefovi has been at the forefront of white collar defense, representing clients in government investigations and cases before such matters were dubbed “white collar crime”.

Worldwide expertise and resources, local talent

London corporate law firm Crefovi has a  team which includes several full-time white collar partners in Europe, with stellar reputations as trial lawyers in France and the United Kingdom. The firm has national experts in every major substantive area of government regulation. London corporate law firm Crefovi can draw on the full range of resources of a global firm, while fighting for the client’s rights at the site of the conflict.

Favorable resolutions or winning trials

The White Collar Practice of London corporate law firm Crefovi includes dedicated trial lawyers who regularly try defense-side cases. The practice has the experience, reputation and knowledge of the inner workings of government agencies necessary to broker favorable resolutions. At the same time, the practice has unmatched trial experience which allows Crefovi lawyers to take a stand to protect clients’ rights.

Compliance and investigations with client objectives in mind

London corporate law firm Crefovi primary objective for corporate clients is to prevent government investigations through effective compliance programs and internal safeguards. At the same time, Crefovi seasoned investigators have conducted hundreds of  internal investigations with a simple goal: understand and solve problems, with as little business disruption as necessary. Compliance programs and internal investigations should not have lives of their own; they should serve the greater context of a business and its role as a corporate citizen.

Comprehensive attacks require a comprehensive strategy

Almost every government action is accompanied by parallel proceedings in civil, regulatory, political or criminal investigatory forums. London corporate law firm Crefovi constantly explores creative ways to turn these parallel challenges to the client’s advantage. 

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