How copyright applicable to industrial design must evolve, in the UK

copyright applicable to industrial design

The luxury goods and creative industries market continues to outperform the wider European economy, growing at 13 percent between 2009 and 2010, and 10 percent between 2010 and 2011. In this thriving environment, the high-end segment of European design household and office equipment, furniture and furnishing has, with other luxury goods and creative industries, truly…

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Law and luxury: a happy marriage

Law and luxury

With few industries performing better than the 185 billion Euros luxury goods sector, a rising number of lawyers and law graduates are electing it as their business development focus. To access this post, you must purchase Enroll into Crefovi’s subscription or Enroll into Crefovi’s assistance. Enroll and get 1 day free trial before committing!

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Wig & gown in vogue on the catwalk

wig and gown in vogue on the catwalk

Annabelle Gauberti, founding and managing partner of London fashion law firm Crefovi, and Elisabeth Payton, journalist at the Financial Times, publish some proprietary research on the law of luxury goods and fashion law, entitled ‟Wig and gown in vogue on the catwalk”. Busiest member of a label’s in-house team is often not the model or…

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Should we legislate on the activity of financial analysts?

Should we legislate on the activity of financial analysts

For several months, the French legislator and professional organisations have been working to tighten up financial analysis. The finance and banking law firm Crefovi answers the following questions. Is a more restrictive regulation vis-à-vis the people disseminating and publishing financial analysis really necessary? How compatible would these future rules be with international standards?

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