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Counterfeiting, an ancestral art! | Le Capital Special supplement

Before being a victim of counterfeiters, France has for a long time been the specialist of copying products … from China! Le Capital journalist, Frédéric Brillet, interviews and quotes our Annabelle Gauberti about the counterfeiting business now and then. Counterfeiting an ancestral art!   Read this article on the exponential growth of the counterfeiting business, more »

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Fashion law is becoming a ridiculously profitable industry | AFP

Long considered “too fluffy” for serious lawyers, fashion law has emerged in recent years as one of the most lucrative – and occasionally absurd – new battlegrounds for the legal profession.   Read this gritty article on the rise and ascent of fashion law, concocted by AFP journalist Eric Randolph. This article was published in more »

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Why selective distribution makes sense for a luxury or premium business

Through selective distribution, a brand wishing to distribute its products on British soil or on the whole territory of the European Union, has the right to set a certain number of criteria allowing it to select which dealers will have the right to resell its products. This sales technique has been, and still is, used more »

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How to efficiently fight against counterfeiting in the fashion and luxury sectors?

Counterfeiting is the specific term, in intellectual property, referring to any infringement or unauthorised use of an intellectual property asset owned by a third party. The face of counterfeiting has profoundly changed in the last few years. The era of “homemade” counterfeiting is well behind us, as manufacturing and selling fakes has become a well-oiled more »

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Crefovi was a speaker at 2013 Cosmetic compliance summit | London cosmetic law firm Crefovi

The new EU cosmetics regulation entered into force on 11 July 2013. Many in the cosmetics industry are still confused over the exact wording of the regulation, which implies tightening safety controls and information on cosmetic products. The Cosmetic compliance summit was Europe’s first two day event dedicated entirely to the EU cosmetic regulation and its implications, more »