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Why it makes sense to invest in the creative industries and support them

  While many fast-growth companies in the creative industries are currently the target of heavy private equity investments and a flurry of mergers and acquisitions, it makes sense, from a tax and financial standpoint, for individuals and corporate investors to go “long” on creative startups and SMEs.   1. “Good times” are coming back: invest more »

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Why the 2014 Vogue festival is good but not enough, to address clichés in the fashion industry

As I have been doing since its inception, I attended the 2014 Vogue Festival last weekend, on the Southbank. While this event is attractive to the aspiring thousands who dream of “breaking into” the fashion and luxury arenas, I think that the content of such festival is still very superficial and biased to make the more »

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How to efficiently fight against counterfeiting in the fashion and luxury sectors?

Counterfeiting is the specific term, in intellectual property, referring to any infringement or unauthorised use of an intellectual property asset owned by a third party. The face of counterfeiting has profoundly changed in the last few years. The era of “homemade” counterfeiting is well behind us, as manufacturing and selling fakes has become a well-oiled more »

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Intellectual property in fashion & luxury: business breakfast @ the Hospital Club | London fashion law firm Crefovi

Founding partner of fashion law firm Crefovi presents a seminar on intellectual property in fashion and luxury sectors at the Hospital Club on Tuesday 18 February 2014. You can watch the video of this seminar on intellectual property in fashion and luxury, below and flick through the slides of this seminar here, in relation to our proprietary more »

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Master innovation luxury & design | Crefovi to teach luxury law at the best master in luxury management in France | London luxury industry law firm Crefovi

Crefovi’s founding partner, Annabelle Gauberti, is delighted to be a tutor to the students of the Master innovation luxury & design   Crefovi at the Master innovation luxury & design Crefovi to teach luxury law and to provide a 3 hours’ lecture to the students of the Master innovation, luxury & design from the University more »