IFLR banking yearbook 2003

Crefovi published this interview in the ‟special banking” supplement from International Financial Law Review (‟IFLR”) in 2003 (IFLR banking yearbook). This article summarises the state of banking and finance regulations that apply to financial services companies and banks in France, in 2003.

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Should we legislate on the activity of financial analysts?

For several months, the French legislator and professional organisations have been working to tighten up financial analysis. The finance and banking law firm Crefovi answers the following questions. Is a more restrictive regulation vis-à-vis the people disseminating and publishing financial analysis really necessary? How compatible would these future rules be with international standards?

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Liability regime of the banker drawing a forged bank check

This judgment of the commercial chamber of the ‟Cour de cassation” dated 11 February 2003 provides important details on the liability of the banker drawing a forged bank check, when the amount indicated on this check is falsified after the creation of this payment instrument.

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