London music law firm Crefovi spoke on sync license at Midem 2015 | Check out our video here!

[linkedin_share url=”” style=”none”] [twitter_follow username=”Crefovi” language=”en”] [twitter url=”” style=”horizontal” source=”Crefovi” related=”Crefovi” hashtag=”#Crefovi” float=”left”] [divider] Annabelle Gauberti, founding partner of London music law firm Crefovi, co-presented a masterclass on sync licenses at Midem 2015: Check it out here! [hr] Based in Cannes, MIDEM is THE music trade show of the year,  where talent, collecting societies, tech companies, majors, independent…

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2015 Cannes Film Festival | London media and entertainment law firm Crefovi

[twitter url=”” style=”horizontal” source=”Crefovi” hashtag=”Crefovi”] [twitter_follow username=”crefovi” language=”en” align=”left” float=”left”] [fblike url=”” style=”button_count” float=”left” showfaces=”false” width=”450″ verb=”like” font=”arial”] [fbshare url=”” type=”icon_link” float=”left” width=”100″] [linkedin_share url=”” style=”right” float=”left”] [digg link=”” float=”left”] [pinterest url=”” count=”vertical” float=”left” use_post=”true”] [divider]   London media and entertainment law firm Crefovi, hot on the heels of joining the Beverly Hills Bar Association,…

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