How to buy and sell ‟real” street art

Many people want to collect street art, but there are issues with taking it directly from the street. How to buy and sell ‟real” street art? Annabelle Gauberti, founding and managing partner of the London and Paris art law firm Crefovi, and president of ialci, explains the legal issues you need to be aware of.…

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Street art law: what legal solutions for artists victim of street art thefts?

[linkedin_share url=”” style=”none”] [fbshare url=”” type=”button”] [fblike url=”” style=”standard” showfaces=”false” width=”450″ verb=”like” font=”arial”] [twitter_follow username=”Crefovi” language=”en”] [twitter url=”” style=”horizontal” source=”Crefovi” related=”Crefovi” hashtag=”#Crefovi” float=”left”] [divider] Crefovi’s founding partner, Annabelle Gauberti, was interviewed by Canal Plus on street art law, more specifically on the legal recourse that artists have, in case their works of street art and…

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