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Beginning your legal career

Few law firms can rival London law firm for creative industries Crefovi, in terms of its depth and breadth of practice or its European footprint, both of which provide virtually limitless opportunities for new associates.

Feedback & career guidance

Finding a challenging, yet friendly and creative, work environment, when you are beginning your legal career as a law firm’s associate, is not easy for any law graduate. There’s competition between candidates, the need to ensure that the law firm’s values are in adequation with your own values and sensibilities.

However, to ensure that we are all on the same wavelength, our London law firm for creative industries Crefovi offers associates real-time feedback in the form of evaluations twice a year, a 360-degree evaluation process and merit-based bonuses.

Learn more about beginning your legal career with Crefovi here!

Beginning your legal career: hands-on training programs

London law firm for creative industries Crefovi believes that some of the best learning comes through doing, so our law firm dedicates significant resources to multi-day, hands-on training programs.

For Crefovi’s transactional lawyers, the firm offers workshops on negotiations and has a Mergers & Acquisitions Academy, which is an intensive, multi-day training program for mid-level and senior corporate associates, designed to cover the nuts and bolts of the law in this area, best practices, major deal documents, and our practice.

Mentoring program

London law firm for creative industries Crefovi has a mentoring program, which is an essential component of an associate’s career development and is designed to facilitate their integration into the firm. In particular, every first-year associate and new lateral associate is matched with a senior associate or partner mentor, who is available to answer questions about the law firm, provide career guidance, or simply act as a confidential advisor. Over the years, many of the associates of London law firm for creative industries Crefovi develop close professional relationships with their mentors. Our law firm frequently reassesses the program, to ensure it meets our associates’ career development needs.

Beginning your legal career: managing work through technology

Crefovi’s lawyers also can achieve greater flexibility in managing their workload, through the use of firm technology. The firm provides lawyers with softwares, which they can use on their own notebook computers, iphones and other devices. When working remotely, lawyers can take advantage of multiple methods for seamless and secure remote access to Crefovi’s systems, including a software-based ‟SoftPhone” that is used to place, receive and handle calls from a notebook computer.

To minimise travel and time away from home, the firm’s telepresence rooms provide high-quality, face-to-face video conference capabilities in the offices of London law firm for creative industries Crefovi. Technology and document support is available 24/7 — whenever and wherever it is needed, allowing lawyers to remotely access the global document center and technology assistance at any time.

Crefovi regularly updates its social media channels, such as Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Check our latest news there!

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