Consumer products & retail

Consumer products & retail

Crefovi’s ‟Consumer products & retail” industry group, and, in particular, its fashion lawyers in London, have been recognised for providing outstanding service and innovative legal solutions to support clients meet unique business challenges.

Demonstrated excellence

Crefovi ‟Consumer products & retail” industry group, which federates its fashion lawyers in London practicing the law of luxury goods & fashion, has demonstrated its understanding of clients’ needs in this highly competitive business environment. The success of Crefovi, in advising companies of all sizes in markets around the world, stems from the dedication of the practice ‟Consumer products & retail” to supporting businesses grow and succeed, while protecting brand equity.

Crefovi is at the forefront of the new legal practice that is the law of luxury goods and fashion. Its fashion lawyers have been, and are, a major contributor to the development of the fashion law field. One of Crefovi’s partners, our founding and managing partner Annabelle Gauberti, invented the concept of ‟droit du luxe” (law of luxury goods and fashion) in 2003 and extensively published, and publishes, about it in our ‟Law of luxury goods & fashion blog”, sensing that fashion law would become a legal discipline per se, in order to respond to the specific legal needs of either global luxury conglomerates or fashion designers.

Our specialised lawyers: our clients’ valued advisors

Crefovi’s extensive experience and professional breadth allow the firm to provide top-quality counsel around the world in virtually every area affecting the retail and consumer products industry. Crefovi is especially renowned as a London fashion and luxury law firm. It represents retail and consumer products industry clients, in particular in the law of luxury goods and fashion, in matters involving:

Our fashion lawyers in London, from our ‟Consumer products & retail” group, serve as valued business advisors to each of the clients Crefovi represents. The firm’s deep understanding of sector-specific issues and value-adding legal services, has earned us top praise for some of the industry’s leading market transactions and cases. The experience of Crefovi has made it the go-to provider for legal services in the retail and consumer products industry, and for the practice of the law of luxury goods & fashion in particular.


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