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London law firm for outsourcing Crefovi advises on large and complex business process, IT and network outsourcing transactions.

london law firm for outsourcing, London outsourcing law firm Crefovi, outsourcing, IP IT, IP, IT, outsourcing lawyer, CrefoviA powerful combination of experience and commitment

London law firm for outsourcing Crefovi has a team of outsourcing lawyers, who understand the commercial fundamentals that drive outsourcing transactions, know what is “market” and offer keen insight into the protections suppliers can expect to win in negotiations.

The Outsourcing Practice combines a detailed appreciation of the technical, organisational and commercial pressures that impact outsourcing transactions with the collective knowledge and experience of its technology transactions lawyers based in London and Paris.

London law firm for outsourcing Crefovi is committed to injecting innovation and best practices into outsourcing transactions. Practice lawyers, jointly with Crefovi preferred local counsels, have negotiated outsourcing transactions throughout the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Asia and the United States, and across all industries.

London law firm for outsourcing Crefovi delivers additional value to clients through seminars, trainings and client alerts and seeks to demonstrate the benefits of outsourcing to the wider community through pro bono initiatives and press interviews.

Comprehensive expertise

London law firm for outsourcing Crefovi represents clients throughout the full life cycle of outsourcing transactions, including:

  • Request For Proposal process
  • Contract negotiations and renegotiations
  • Post-contract support

The firm’s lawyers have comprehensive experience in outsourcing a full range of business process services, IT and telecoms – both onshore and offshore. Services that Crefovi helps outsource include data centre operations (mainframe and midrange, grid computing and storage) and distributed computing and service desk.

The practice also helps clients outsource systems implementation and integration, supply chain management and logistics, and finance and accounting. Credit card processing, insurance applications and underwriting, facilities management and assisted business transformation are functions that have been outsourced with the help of Crefovi lawyers.

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