This is Crefovi‘s store, the law firm specialised in advising the creative industries. Here you will find all our products and services, necessary to propel your business forward: from its creation, throughout its existence and, when the time comes, to its sale, transformation or dissolution.

Crefovi is the top law firm, to simplify your life as an entrepreneur, thanks to its store, and the fast, reliable and efficient services and products that it contains! We are delighted to be your straightforward, rigorous and economical legal partner.

Store content

The store of our law firm Crefovi is structured in such a way as to assist you, at every stage of the life of your business.

The categories of products and services available on Crefovi’s store are:

  • Protect your business;
  • Change your business;
  • Draft your contracts;
  • Manage your staff;
  • Manage your disputes, and

Our team of dedicated lawyers, specialised in all the legal issues that entrepreneurs are – or will be – confronted with, is there to provide you with reliable, rigorous, fast, transparent and economical support!

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A global network

Clients praise Crefovi’s lawyers for their responsiveness & ability to understand the technical, business and legal aspects of each commercial transaction and come back, deal after deal, to be advised by them.

While we are based at Crefovi’s offices, in London and Paris, we routinely work across borders. The vast majority of our engagements are multi-jurisdictional. We are used to working in multinational teams, and rely on our network of specialist lawyers, who are also exclusively dedicated to the creative industries, for support in other jurisdictions.

Crefovi’s team has therefore established an extensive international network of creative industries’ contacts, and a close association with other specialist lawyers worldwide. Our history of successes in high profile, politically sensitive matters reflects an ability to act swiftly and with the utmost discretion.

Indeed, Crefovi’s lawyers are very well connected in the world of the creative industries, attending, and participating to discussion panels at, on a regular basis, each session of the professional trade shows such as CESWeb SummitDLD & SlushMidem, as well as the Cannes film festival and EFM and the Berlinale.

Crefovi regularly updates its social media channels, such as LinkedinTwitterInstagramYouTube and Facebook. Check our latest news there!

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