Competition law & labour markets – the CMA springs into action

Crefovi’s live webinar provided an in-depth analysis on the work various competition authorities around the world do, in relation to competition law in labour markets.

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Standard Essential Patents (SEP): is EU interventionism the solution, to ensure licencing negotiations on FRAND terms?

Standard Essential Patents SEP

Standard Essential Patents (‟SEPs”), despite only representing 2 percent of the total population of patents currently in force, are critical to the development of international technical standards, relating to technologies such as 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, computer, audio/visual, in the ‟Internet of Things” ecosystem. Yet, SEP licencing is archaic, often requiring lengthy and draining court litigation…

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Digital Services Act – the revolution will be televised

Crefovi’s live webinar took place on Friday 29 March 2024 at 14:00pm London time (UK), and provided an in-depth analysis on the Digital Services Act and its impact.

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Competition law & labour markets: the CMA springs into action

Competition law and labour markets

Competition law in labour markets is a hot topic for many competition bodies around the world and, in particular, the United Kingdom’s Competition and Markets Authority. The CMA has lately sprung into action, in order to research, investigate and, ultimately, decide, whether the majority of UK’s labour markets lack competition due to no-poach agreements, salary-fixing…

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Digital Markets Act: forcing change in the digital services’ industry, to ensure more competition

While the deadline for compliance with the Digital Markets Act is fast approaching, gatekeepers in the digital services’ market are (allegedly) frantically preparing themselves for compliance. But is this ever going to happen, by 5 March 2024, in light of the robust opposition and resistance to any change which may as much as weaken the…

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