Terms & conditions

Email scam warning

Emails have been sent to multiple recipients, falsely claiming to be from partners and associates at Crefovi. These emails are financial scams or phishing scams and have taken several forms, including:

  • details about an unclaimed inheritance for the recipient, with the target of the fraud asked to advance fees. For more information about one such instance, please click here.
  • details about a financial settlement, with the target of the fraud asked to prepare a marriage license;
  • details about a tax liability, with the target of the fraud asked to make payment or face litigation;
  • details about a work-from-home employment opportunity, including a request to interview using online chat or text messaging, and
  • attachments with links to phishing sites.

Crefovi SELAS, our affiliates, and our lawyers have no involvement in these or any other scams. Our lawyers names are being used without our authorisation.

If you are the recipient of any email purporting to be from a Crefovi lawyer that you were not expecting, that comes from any email domain other than crefovi.com or crefovi.fr, or contains unusual content, please check the authenticity of the correspondence by contacting us directly at .