Digital Services Act: the revolution will be televised

Digital services Act

The Digital Services Act is upon us and, with its bestie the Digital Markets Act, promises to force powerful changes in the digital ecosystem currently in place in the European Union and, even globally. The power is shifting back to the people, with the Digital Services Act, and intermediary service providers better listen to their…

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Cultural assets restitution: why the British Museum & ‟Musée du Quai Branly”, amongst others, must act now

Cultural assets restitution

While reviewing various daily articles about the podcasting industry, I recently came across the podcast series ‟The Unfiltered History Tour with VICE World News”. This series broadcasts ‟stories of disputed artefacts, as told by people from their homelands” (sic), in relation to artefacts held/stored at the British Museum in London, in the United Kingdom (‟UK”).…

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Freedom of speech in the creative industries: how did it all go so wrong?

Freedom of speech in the creative industries

While cancel culture and culture wars are attacks on freedom of speech and freedom of expression which come from the bottom, the virulence of the latest onslaught on freedom of the press and creative expression now comes from the top. States, government structures, public and private companies, oligarchs as well as other plutocrats are using…

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