Competition-related litigation

Clients confronted with high-stakes, competition-related litigation rely on London antitrust law firm Crefovi to guide them through every stage of the litigation process.

London antitrust law firm Crefovi has an Antitrust and Competition Practice, which successfully defends corporations, as well as governments, in scores of competition and trade regulation cases throughout Europe. These proceedings have included private and public damages litigation, competitor actions and administrative actions across a full range of issues, including:

  • Abuse of dominant position
  • Boycotts
  • Coordinated conduct
  • Dealer/distribution litigation
  • Merger defense
  • Monopolisation
  • Price discrimination
  • Price maintenance
  • Patent settlements and other disputes interfacing with intellectual property law
  • State aid
  • Unfair competition

The lawyers of London antitrust law firm Crefovi frequently succeed in obtaining early dismissal of a case before it proceeds to the expensive and time consuming discovery process. London antitrust law firm Crefovi also has experience of disposing of a case at class certification or on a motion for summary judgment, saving clients from the costs and disruption of trial. And where trying the case is the right strategic decision for the client, London antitrust law firm Crefovi is one of only a few firms to take cases brought by private plaintiffs or government regulators to trial — and win.

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