Copyright litigation

London intellectual property law firm Crefovi has a team of Intellectual Property lawyers, who have specialised expertise in litigating and providing counseling on copyright matters. They assist our clients from the creative industries with the increasing challenges of the growing international and digital reach of the arts and technology.

Copyright counseling and litigation

As globalisation of the media business has become the norm, companies and artists alike must protect their intellectual property in novel and creative ways. Clients with needs ranging from copyright counseling to copyright infringement litigation rely on London intellectual property law firm Crefovi, and its Copyright Practice, for assistance in protecting all forms of work, including:

  • Computer software
  • Literary works
  • Motion pictures
  • Music
  • Publishing
  • Sound recordings

Operating from a broad global platform, London intellectual property law firm Crefovi deploys its lawyers to provide clients with distinct knowledge of international copyright concerns, to help clients fight piracy and infringement and increase their level of copyright protection worldwide. London intellectual property law firm Crefovi has represented companies from a variety of industries that have tapped the firm’s diverse technical skill sets and its unmatched global resources for counsel across subject matter and jurisdictions.


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