Intellectual property & IP litigation

Patent litigation

Crefovi has a ‟Patent litigation” practice, which is comprised of a deep bench of respected, courtroom-tested lawyers with experience in key patent venues in Europe.

Patent counseling and litigation

Protecting valuable inventions in a highly competitive global environment has become increasingly challenging for multinational businesses. With the significant rise in patent litigation and with damages exceeding the billion-dollar mark in the US, the risks and opportunities facing companies are higher than ever. Whether enforcing your patents against others, or defending you against claims of patent infringement, Crefovi has the experience to support you succeed.

Crefovi’s ‟Patent litigation” team is able to field a legal team led by experienced trial counsel for any patent matter, large or small, in several European venues and other venues around the world.

Crefovi has a European footprint, which provides clients with a distinct advantage particularly when faced with complex controversies involving technologies developed around the world. Crefovi has a team of patent lawyers, who also have vast experience with mediations, arbitrations and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, and have frequently achieved successful results with these methods as an alternative to protracted and expensive litigation.

The most favourable settlements are often achieved by conveying a command and focus from the outset and demonstrating a preparedness to go to trial — and win. Crefovi’s lead trial counsels commit to the case from day one and are hands-on in actively developing the case strategy, analysing the strengths and weaknesses of case, evaluating potential opportunities for resolution and preparing the case for trial. Because of this targeted and focused approach, London intellectual property law firm Crefovi is able to identify key trial issues early and avoid wasteful litigation tasks such as unnecessary discovery and motion practice. Crefovi’s trial-focused approach avoids wasteful litigation, promotes efficiency and drives results.

A global network

Clients praise Crefovi’s lawyers for their responsiveness & ability to understand the technical, business and legal aspects of each matter in relation to patent litigation, and come back, matter after matter, to be advised by them.

While London and Paris based, we routinely work across borders. The vast majority of our engagements are multi-jurisdictional. We are used to working in multinational teams, and rely on our network of specialist lawyers for support in other jurisdictions.

The team has therefore established an extensive international network of intellectual property law contacts and a close association with other specialist lawyers worldwide. Our history of successes in high profile, politically sensitive matters reflects an ability to act swiftly and with the utmost discretion.

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