Initial public offerings

Across several industries and global markets, issuers and investment banks alike look to London corporate law firm Crefovi for unparalleled legal services in connection with initial public offerings.

Newly public companies often continue to seek London corporate law firm Crefovi services after the completion of an Initial Public Offering (IPO), as the firm offers public company clients one of the most experienced and respected corporate and securities practice teams in the world. At Crefovi, clients find teams that expertly and routinely handle the entire array of issues affecting public companies, particularly in areas such as corporate and securities laws, tax mattersmergers and acquisitionsintellectual propertylitigationantitrust and competition law and employee benefits.

London corporate law firm Crefovi has deep knowledge and insight place its securities and capital markets lawyers among the most qualified and experienced in the industry. Working with their colleagues on Crefovi capital markets team and market-leading industry, regulatory and compliance practices, the firm’s capital markets lawyers provide client-focused legal services across all aspects of IPOs.

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