Negotiated transactions

London corporate law firm Crefovi has extensive experience in the negotiated transactions and disposals of public and private companies and their businesses around the world for both company and financial sponsor clients.

Crefovi has a European presence and team culture, which allow the firm to mobilise well-coordinated teams of M&A and other legal practitioners effectively and efficiently to provide due diligence, structuring and other transactional advice.

The structure of these transactions include mergers of public companies, purchases and sales of stock or assets of subsidiary corporations, and purchases and sales of assets and business divisions. London corporate law firm Crefovi has a team of M&A lawyers, who have advised numerous boards of directors in merger-of-equals transactions and other combinations involving complex governance arrangements.

On the buy-side, London corporate law firm Crefovi has a team of M&A lawyers, who have extensive experience representing purchasers of public and private companies. Clients have included public companies executing combinations subject to the European Union securities laws, takeover panel and other takeover regimes, private equity and other financial sponsors acquiring public or private companies in proprietary and auction processes, and private companies acquiring a wide range of businesses.

On the sell-side, London corporate law firm Crefovi represents public and private companies around Europe and across a wide range of industries that are being acquired by strategic or financial purchasers in change of control transactions or are carving out subsidiary corporations or divisions. London corporate law firm Crefovi has a team which is particularly apt at conducting auction processes and advising board of directors of their duties and obligations in this context, whether in the context of strategic bidders or the more complex financial sponsor take-private transactions.

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