Takeover planning & defense

The M&A lawyers at London corporate law firm Crefovi have experience in advising clients, with respect to unsolicited takeovers and takeover defense planning and implementation.

On takeover planning, London corporate law firm Crefovi supports clients:

  • Assess vulnerability to unsolicited takeovers
  • Understand the target company’s procedural and structural defenses and likely defensive strategies
  • Update charter and bylaw provisions with defense in mind
  • Advise directors on their rights and obligations in the context of unsolicited takeover bids
  • Provide analyses of legal restrictions on unsolicited takeover bids
  • Implement shareholder rights plans (“poison pills”) or put them “on the shelf”
  • Analyze target company capital structures, including the many issues often posed by the need or desirability of refinancing some or all of the target’s public and private debt

Unsolicited takeover proposals

London corporate law firm Crefovi has a team of M&A lawyers, who are also experienced in helping defend against unsolicited bids when threatened or launched, including:

  • Responding to privately proposed bids or public “bear hug” overtures
  • Defending against hostile tender offers and related proxy contests
  • Implementing procedural and structural defensive mechanisms
  • Guiding the Board through their fiduciary duties in the hostile bid arena, including their ability to “just say no”
  • Compliance with national, state and other takeover regimes applicable to such bids
  • Assisting with alternative “white knight” transactions

In addition, London corporate law firm Crefovi has M&A litigation teams actively advise and defend directors, as well as implement defensive litigation strategies, when hostile takeover bids are threatened or launched.  

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