Stock options and luxury: a realistic combination?

Stock options and luxurySince the beginning of the 1990s, listed companies specializing in the luxury and fashion sector have largely favored the subscription of stock options by their CEOs, their artistic directors and all. other employee occupying top management positions. Thus, according to Option Finance, the remunerations of the two CEOs of LVMH and L'Oréal in 2001 were among the highest of all those of the presidents of CAC 40 companies, with a total remuneration of 15,381,585 Euros for LVMH (including 2,597,906 Euros in salary and 12,783,679 Euros in stock options) and 21,264,124 Euros for L'Oréal (including 5,552,315 Euros in salary and 15,711,809 Euros in optional remuneration). How to realistically combine stock options and luxury?
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