Law of luxury and fashion marketing: how to secure your practices

law of luxury and fashion marketing

Crefovi partners up with Les Echos Formation to present cutting-edge one-day training on the law of luxury and fashion marketing: how to secure your practices?

This ground-breaking training day will provide a complete view on the legal aspects to pay attention to, when planning and organising marketing and advertising campaigns, as well as catwalk shows.

From image rights, publicity rights to brand ambassador deals, endorsement deals, as well as managing the brand’s relationships with agencies (modelling agencies, advertising agencies, music supervisors, etc), no stones will be left unturned by Crefovi during this seminar.

Dates of this training day

  • Tuesday 25 April 2017, and
  • Thursday 30 November 2017.

Training goals

  • Master the essential aspects of a win-win negotiation with stars and models, their agents, as well as advertising agencies, sync agents and music supervisors;
  • Understand who are the stakeholders, their positions and differents roles in the decision taking process, in relation to the choice of brand ambassadors and endorsers, music tracks which will feature during the catwalk show or the advertising campaign, fashion models;
  • Compare the various strategies and negotiation tactics, in order to obtain the maximum investment in the advertising campaign or the partnership, from the brand ambassador or celebrity endorser, while fully complying with image rights and publicity rights;
  • Maximise the ‟marketing” potential of social media while minimising legal risks, in particular copyright infringement risks, and
  • Use anti-counterfeiting campaigns as a marketing strategy of luxury wares.

Outline for the daily programme ‟law of luxury and fashion marketing”

09:30 – 11:30: the advertising campaign – a breeding ground for legal issues

  • Relationships between the luxury brand and advertising agencies: how to ensure that the “brief” written by the luxury house is well understood?
  • The deal with the celebrity: manage the agents, talent agencies and the contractual relationship with the start;
  • Synchronising music in the advertisement: a marked path;
  • Relationships with the media, image rights and intellectual property: written press, TV, streaming sites (YouTube, Vimeo), and
  • Social media and law: how to maximise the potential of digital while keeping legal risks down.

11:45 – 13:30 – the fashion show each season – an important legal challenge!

  • Agreements with models and other service providers: an important stake;
  • Photographers and catwalk shows: image rights, counterfeiting and royalties, and
  • Music in fashion shows: how it works, from a legal standpoint?

Witness talk: a general counsel from a top luxury house shares his experience on negotiating and structuring various partnership agreements with brand ambassadors. He will detail the existing legal challenges during such negotiations

14:30 – 15:30 – case study

  • Rihanna v Topshop;
  • Why complying with image rights and publicity rights is paramount in the luxury and fashion sectors?, and
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones v Caudalie.

15:45-17:15 – Fight against counterfeiting as a marketing and advertising tool

  • Status of the fight against counterfeiting in the luxury and fashion sectors;
  • New tools to fight against counterfeiting – legal and non-legal, and
  • Lobbying actions against counterfeiting with ECCIA, the Walpole, Comité Colbert, etc.

17:15-18:00 – Final summary

Final summary of key points and takeaways, in order to best structure marketing and promotional campaigns for a luxury and fashion brand, while complying with existing laws and regulations

Training presenter

Annabelle Gauberti is a solicitor of England & Wales as well as a French ‟avocat” with the Paris bar. She focuses her practice on providing legal advice, either contentious or not contentious, to companies and individuals working in the creative industries in general, and the luxury and fashion sectors, as well as the music, film, TV and digital industries, in particular.

Ms Gauberti has more than thirteen years of experience in practicing the law of luxury goods and fashion. Since 2003, she has written numerous articles about this legal field.

Ms Gauberti is at the forefront of the expansion and development of the law of luxury goods and fashion, in particular by providing courses and seminars to luxury professionals at the Institut de la Recherche de la Propriété Intellectuelle (IRPI) and to MBA students in Luxury Brand Management, around the world.

Below are a few links to the seminars that Ms Gauberti organised and to which she participated as a speaker:

Les Echos Formation

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